A new frontier for Norwegian aquaculture


As a follow-up to messages and web meetings about the incident, we have made this note that summarizes the incident, the basis for our assessments and answers a few questions that came up at the web meeting 6. August 2021.


A new frontier for Norwegian aquaculture

In the deep, clean fjords along the Stad peninsula, Statt Torsk will forge a new frontier for Norwegian aquaculture by farming cod. We will lead the way in developing a new, sustainable industry based on selling high-quality products to markets in Norway and the world.


The world must have food – and people want cod

Currently, fish and marine species only cover 2% of humanity’s food requirements. With the world’s population growing rapidly, we need to think in new ways. Cod has every opportunity to make an important contribution, and aquaculture is the way for it to maximise its impact.