A new frontier for Norwegian aquaculture

In the deep, clean fjords along the Stad peninsula, Statt Torsk will forge a new frontier for Norwegian aquaculture by farming cod. We will lead the way in developing a new, sustainable industry based on selling high-quality products to markets in Norway and the world.

The numbers

A business with unique potential

3 900 tons

allowed within current licenses, new applications are in process


facilities in operation, as of 2021

645 tons

successfully delivered to demanding markets in Europe

2 000 000

fish in production

1 500 tons

expected harvested 2022

12 000 tons

planned production 2025

Statt Torsk

Statt Torsk is a Norwegian producer of farmed cod, based on Stad by Vanylvsfjorden in the county of Vestland. The seas around Stad provide ideal conditions for cod farming. The people here have a rich heritage linked to the sea and fish, possessing the necessary knowledge and traditions of aquaculture and fishing.

Stad is a peninsula that juts out into the ocean. We have put down anchor in a good location on the north side of the peninsula. All of our activities in the coming years will be based in the surrounding areas.

The name Stad, sometimes written Stadt or Statt, comes from the Old Norse “Stadr”, meaning “that which stands”. In whichever way you write it, the area is famous for having some of the roughest weather along the Norwegian coast. That’s why the Vikings used to pull their ships across the inside of the cape, at Dragseidet. Although we no longer do that, ships frequently have to wait to pass Stad, due to bad weather conditions. A large ship tunnel is planned, connecting the northern and the southern parts of the cape, enabling safe passage.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, the rough conditions, the area around Stad is ideal for cod farming. The optimal currents, clean water and low sea temperatures make the fjords perfect for our cod.


Local roots and local values

It is all about attitudes, behaviour and value creation. Stad is a rugged stretch of sea with a long tradition of overcoming both storms and perilous rock shoals. The people of the peninsula and the people behind Statt Torsk have ridden out a few storms in their time. We know what we are doing and we have deep respect for the people living here. Most of us who work at Statt Torsk are from the area.

We therefore want to create a sustainable and lasting business. We're here to stay. A business that can create new, long-term jobs in the area, helping to make the region a hub for businesses involved in fish farming, aquaculture and food production.

Our businesspartners

In 2021 we have entered into formal partnerships with two businesses in the Stad area, involved in fishing and aquaculture.

These are Ervik Havfiske, Norway’s largest owner of longliners, as well as being an important player in the fishing- and business community in the county of Vestland. We are also working with Per Stave, specialized in fish harvesting, and marketing of "lute- and klippfish".

Together, in 2021, we have established Statt Sjømat, which will be responsible for harvesting and processing our products.

Our suppliers of germinal products, cod eggs and fry are the state-owned Nofima and privately-owned Havlandet – the only current suppliers of cod fry. Their cutting-edge operations are currently producing 7th and 8th generation cod fry, and they are constantly improving the characteristics of the cod in terms of its health, weight and quality.

As per now, our fingerlings are delivered by Arctic Cod, a company in which we are a shareholder.

One of our most important partners is the world-leading seafood company Lerøy. Their business encompasses salmon and trout farming, fishing for white fish, processing, product development, and the marketing, sale and distribution of seafood. Each day, Lerøy supplies millions of meals to shops, canteens, hotels and restaurants world wide. Lerøy is our partner for sales, marketing and distribution.