A milestone for Statt Torsk – New site in full production

Stad 05.08.2021

After 6 years of small-scale pilot projects at Stokkeneset, Statt Torsk is well underway with full-scale production at Rekvika in Vanylvsfjorden, according to plan. “We expect to deliver over 3,000 tonnes of round fish in the autumn of 2022” (COO Leif Ronny Rætta).

CEO Gustav Brun-Lie: I am very happy that both installation and implementation have gone according to plan. Good job of crew and suppliers. A gradual start-up and increase in production give less uncertainty and risk and is a safe way to ensure the start-up of the cod industry.

The facility at the new site in “Rekvika” is just completed with 8 pens and a leased feed barge. The feed barge will be replaced by our own in Oct/Nov.

The first batch of 235,000 fish was launched in March, showing good growth and low mortality, weight ca 700 gr.

At the end of July, more than 600,000 new fish was launched successfully. Rekvika now has approx. 840,000 cod.

“It is a perfect location for cod farming and we see the fish thrive”, says COO Leif-Ronny Rætta.