STATT – Global GAP Approval

Statt Torsk ASA (“STATT” or “the Company”) has today received certificates from Global GAP. Approval took place on June 20, 2022.

GLOBAL G.A.P IFA Aquaculture is the standard for production of farmed fish. It covers the production process from the egg to processing, but also covers production further through Chain of Custody certification.

"It is important to document our routines and its good to know that we meet the requirements for safe food and safe environment, sustainability and welfare for both animals and humans throughout the production process. Our customers and the society in general should expect that we can document all processes in our business. The audit we went through shows that we have good routines and good employees in the Company", says Merete Borgundvåg Pettersen, QA Manager Statt Torsk ASA.