STATT – New location – 4 licenses

Statt Torsk ASA («Statt») has today been granted a new location Apalset with 4 licenses, located in Vanylvsfjorden. Maximum allowed biomass will be 3.120 tons.

«The licenses for production at Apalset are another important milestone for Statt. The location is a very important brick in in our production cluster to achieve an economically and environmentally sustainable production. I am very happy that public authorities seem to understand our strategy both on sustainable production and that we create permanent jobs and business opportunities for related industries in the area», Leif Ronny Rætta, COO of Statt Torsk ASA.

«Production at Apalset gives Statt a good opportunity to continue weekly deliveries also beyond mid-2024. We will shortly consider when production at Apalset will be initiated. At the same time we continue to seek additional locations to achieve our goal of sustainable production and business. A new industry in farming is dependent on a streamlined and sustainable value chain, which takes time and long-term investments to build. Cod farming is a young industry and needs a stable and predictable framework from public authorities to succeed», Gustave Brun-Lie, CEO of Statt Torsk ASA.

Including Apalset Statt Torsk ASA has 3 production sites in Stad municipality with a total of 12 licenses. Target for the Statt cluster is 24 licenses at 4-6 sites, and a total production of 12.000 tons.

For more information; or contact:

Gustave Brun-Lie, CEO,

Bjug Borgund, CFO,

About Statt Torsk ASA:

Statt Torsk ASA is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo with ticker “STATT” and with operations in Stad municipality. The company produces and sells farmed Atlantic cod. In 2016-2021, the company carried out three pilot productions to clarify whether commercial production was possible. STATT is now in commercial production with currently three sites with total 12 licenses in Vanylvsfjorden.