Stokkeneset in full commercial operation

Statt Torsk's production site Stokkeneset, which in the period February-April 2022 carried out a normal break after the previous production cycle, was set in first commercial operation on Saturday 23 April 2022 with, initially, 100,000 fish. The site is expected to be in full operations this summer.

When summer is over, the plan is to have about 900,000 fish in sea at Stokkeneset. During the production period of 25-30 months expected production will be ca 3,200-3,600 tonnes of WFE. Sales from this production cycle will be in Q3 2023 to Q2 2024.

The site at Stokkeneset has in recent months been modernised and adapted to Statt Torsk's profile in production. As part the company's new feed barge "Stokkeneset" has been put into operation, which will help to streamline production.

Leif Ronny Rætta, COO of Statt Torsk comments: "The fish we have put to sea has an average weight of around 250 grams. This will increase our sales period by about 3-4 months, and put the company in a fantastic position in that we can deliver Statt Cod on a weekly basis for a longer periode. The fish is the 6th generation from Nofima, a new generation compared to their 5th generation we already have in production at the site Rekvika. Through our 3 pilots, we have seen positive improvements in growth and quality with the introduction of new generations of cod and it will be exciting to follow this new generation going forward.